Ancient Herat

Research Reports of the
German-Afghan Archaeological Mission to Afghanistan

Herat Through Time

The Collections of the Herat Museum and Archive

This book is the outcome of research conducted between 2008 and 2012 in the Herat Museum in the frame of the German-Afghan Archaeological Research Projects. Initially, work focussed on the documentation and conservation of the objects, conducted in conjunction with long-term training of staff from Herat and Kabul. When the refurbishment of the citadel by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture provided a chance to install a full-fledged museum with spacious exhibition halls, depots and a laboratory the project grasped the opportunity, supported by the Afghan and German cooperation partners and the German Foreign Office as funding agency.

The exhibition halls opened in October 2011 as the first newly established provincial museum in Afghanistan with 450 objects on display, illustrating 4500 years of history. Since then, the museum has attracted many visitors to get in touch with their past, showcased in a historic ambiance and transmitted by educational material and booklets.

The richly illustrated catalogue provides detailed descriptions of more than 800 objects. Presented in chronological order, they are placed in a broader cultural and historic context in essays written by various scholars.

edited by Ute Franke and Martina Müller-Wiener (2016)
736 pages, 31 x 22 cm, hardcover
Approx. 2200 illustrations in colour
Contributions in English with Dari summaries
Berlin 2016
ISBN 978-3-00-051939-0



Stefan Weber

The Museum of Herat: From the Beginning until Present Times

Gholam Yahya Khushbeen and Homayoun Ahmadi


Ute Franke


Ute Franke

Sasanian Seals

Judith A. Lerner

Islamic Glass

Jens Kröger

Relief Ware. Of Moulds and Stamps

Martina Müller-Wiener

Monochrome Glazed Earthenware

Martina Müller-Wiener and Ute Franke

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Carmen Gütschow

Herat Province Survey (Vol. 1)

Documentation of Archaeological Sites
and Monuments
in Herat Province

Ute Franke and Thomas Urban

2018, in preparation

Herat Citadel & Old City (Vol. 2)

Excavations and Explorations
in Herat City

Ute Franke and Thomas Urban

Berlin 2017

Herat Through Time (Vol. 3)

The Collection of the
Herat Museum and Archive

edited by Ute Franke
and Martina Müller-Wiener

Berlin 2016

Lost and Found

Prehistoric Pottery Treasures
from Baluchistan

edited by Ute Franke
and Elisa Cortesi

Berlin 2015